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Keep your Customers and Employees Safe with COVID-19 Test Kits and Supplies in Bulk

Bulk COVID Test Kits

Fast, Easy, and Accurate –  FlowFlex, BinaxNOW™, CareStart™, QuickVue™, On/Go Covid-19, Easy Rapid Now, On/Go, and IHealth Bulk Rapid Antigen Tests!

Quick & Affordable Surveillance Testing for Peace of Mind.  The Fastest Way to Return to Normal.

Branded and Bulk PPE

Branded and Unbranded Gloves, Masks, Face Shields, Hand Sanitizers, Gowns, Door Openers, and More!
Givenly’s PPE Kits can be customized for the office, working from home, or PPE on the go!

Show your concern + care with Custom PPE and COVID Test Kits.

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