6 ways to make holiday gifting easier

As we gear up towards the holiday season, it’s time to think again about what to send to your clients (and employees)! Have you started working on your shopping list?

Perhaps you’re one of many who look forward to the holidays – but dread the labor of sending gifts? Here are six ways helps make holiday gifting easier.

1. Everyone’s contact list is in one place. Load it once and you’re good to go. No more passing around spreadsheets, hoping to get them back in time. Add or subtract contacts at any time.
2. Schedule all your gifts ahead of time. You can get everything set up weeks in advance, if you prefer. No more rushing around at the last minute to make shipping deadlines.

3. Send one gift to everyone, or customize as you like. With all the gifts available, you can pick-and-choose, depending on your contact list and budget.

4. Everyone sticks to the budget because it’s set at the beginning. You’ll have visibility into how much has been spent so far, and how much more you have to spend. It’s that easy!

5. Keep track of what was sent, year after year. All your gifting activities are recorded in one dashboard, so you don’t have to remember or look up what you sent last year, or the year before. No more embarrassment or worries about sending the same gift, or a different one.

6. Simplify your accounting.  With everyone in your company using the same portal, and all your favorite vendors on one platform, all of your receipts will be centralized and available to export with a single click! No more accounting hassle and digging for receipts. You’re all set!

With the holiday season upon us, comes to the rescue!
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