We’re Sharing a Secret: Our Top 3 Business Gifts!

Want some gifting inspiration? Here were our hottest sellers!

Choosing the perfect business gift can prove tricky–after all, you may not know as much as you wish you did about the recipient’s preferences. And you want it to be professional yet fun, sharing a gift the recipient will truly enjoy.

How can you make sure you make a great impression with every gift you send this year?

Get some great gifting ideas with this list of our top-selling gifts for 2018! This list will get your creative juices flowing for great ideas to give coworkers, clients, or customer. We hope they provide the inspiration that helps you think of the perfect gift, every time.



People love chocolate. That’s why one of the top gifts was the Classic Ghirardelli Gift Basket, Grande. Packed with chocolatey goodness, it has something everyone will love, from chocolate-covered pretzels and rich dark chocolate bars to decadent hot cocoa. Who could resist this treasure trove of delectable goodies?

This chocolate basket is the gift that keeps on giving! Clients, customers, colleagues, and employees all appreciate chocolate, and they can share it around the office, too.

And every time someone shares these goodies, your name will come up! It’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation for someone, as well as thanking everyone at their workplace. It’s a great perk!

The takeaway: Choose something that’s a crowd-pleaser–people love sharing goodies (almost) as much as they love receiving them.



A Gift For Home

Give a colleague or customer a gift for the home that shows warmth and thoughtfulness. Better yet, make it something long-lasting and functional–something they’ll actually use.

The Home Sweet Home Grey Sherpa Blanket has been a top seller because it does all that and more. First, it’s neutral color fits with any decor, so you don’t need to know the recipient’s decorating theme or colors. Second, with its ultra-soft feel, it’s a gift that radiates warmth and coziness, filling people with good feelings whenever they use it (and they’ll associate you with those pleasant feelings, too!).

And finally, if you have the blanket monogrammed, [1] it adds a personal touch that will make it a household  treasure for years to come. It’s the elegant yet functional home accessory that can be displayed proudly on a couch or easy chair the whole year round!

The takeaway: Choose something that adds beauty and function to any home, especially if you can add that personal touch.


A Birthday Surprise

A Happy Birthday Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake in a tin shows you remembered and went the extra mile to let the recipient know. That’s why this scrumptious concoction was one of our best-sellers this year. Its delicious flavor adds warmth to any birthday and is perfect for sharing with friends, family, or colleagues.

You can also send this easy-to-ship gift anywhere–it’s the birthday cake you can send across town or across the country!

The takeaway: A mouth-watering birthday surprise is bound to be a hit, especially if it’s shareable!

With these ideas and your own creative thinking, every gift you give this year is sure to shine! Add a few thoughtful words in a personalized card, and your gift will be appreciated and remembered.