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Corporate Holiday Gifting


Businesses are founded on relationships. A group of employees who enjoy their boss and enjoy spending time together will work much more efficiently than a rockstar employee who’s unsatisfied. A business that pleases its customers and shows them that it cares is far more likely to succeed than a business that focuses on aesthetics and gimmicks. There’s no better way to improve your business relationships as the holiday season rolls around than #corporategifting.

People around the holidays are in the spirit for giving and receiving gifts. They expect to receive gifts for family and friends, but companies don’t always send gifts their way, allowing anyone who does make use of corporate gifting to stand out. 

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about giving #corporategifts. 

Gifting Makes Employees Feel Appreciated 

One of the most important parts of  #employeeretention is making your employees feel appreciated. Employees are proven to work harder when they feel recognized and appreciated. Sure, it’s good to compliment them throughout the year, but giving them a corporate gift at the end of the year is a great way to show them how much you really care. 

Your gifts for your employees don’t need to get too personal. We recommend keeping the personalized gifts for your family and friends. Instead, get your employees something and practical useful that they’re sure to enjoy. 

A great way to go with employee gifts is hot new small pieces of technology. Our contemporary world is constantly putting out new technological gadgets and gizmos. If you can find one that won’t break the bank too much to gift to your employees, you’ll see great returns in #employeerecognition. 

Many people love music and desire a Bluetooth speaker, but don’t quite have one yet. Speakers make a great quick gift that can benefit everyone. 

Other people prefer gifts that include baked goods. Baked goods can be gifted from a trustworthy bakery, and still show that you care. 

If you’re having a tough time figuring out which gift you want to give to your employees, we recommend looking at some holidays gift baskets. These baskets often come at a much lower price than you would spend for each individual item. The large display of them shows just how much you care, and

Gifting Can Improve Employee Onboarding 

If you want to create a wonderful corporate culture where people are encouraged to work productively, we highly recommend looking beyond simply “hiring” and “training” people, but “onboarding”. The process of #employeeonboarding is the process of making your employees feel at home and recognized in your corporate culture. 

If you have hired new employees in the last few months/weeks, a holiday gift can do a lot to ameliorate the stress of joining a new company.

What few people tell you when you start a business is that often, people consider working for any company miserable. If you can simply make your employee’s experience not miserable, you’ll stand head and shoulders above other companies in your industry. 

This, in turn, will get the word out in your industry. You’ll become a company that’s known as good to their employees. This will encourage more people to apply and make employee onboarding that much easier — people are much more likely to sink into a company culture well if they’ve heard good things about it in the first place. 

Gifting Can Improve Customer Loyalty

Human beings are creatures of habit. Though they have many options they can choose when shopping for goods or services, they like to return to the same people. Humans like a sense of order and routine. 

However, a person will only come back to a company that they feel loyal to. A great way to build up loyalty is to build up respect. A great way to show your respect is to prove to your customer that you care about them more than their monetary value. 

When you give your customer a corporate gift, you achieve all of these goals. People like to feel as though they’re dealing with real people when they’re dealing with a company. When you send them something as kind and personal as a holiday bundle, they’ll surely remember what you did for them 

Gifting Is a Great Branding Opportunity 

When you send a gift to your clients, you have the opportunity to stick your corporate logo on the gift and thereby expand your brand. Your clients won’t see this as nefarious and manipulative, since they expect to know who sent them these gifts. They’ll appreciate knowing where such a nice gift came from. 

Beyond the opportunity to stick your brand logo on some gifts, gifting will get you known as a kind and giving company. Your clients will likely tell their friends and contacts about your holiday gift deals. This will get your name on people’s minds. 

You Can Make Corporate Gifting Easier

In the past, corporate gifting was a painstaking process of tracking down mailing addresses, designing gifts, and writing out notes. Now, services like Givenly make it easy to send out corporate gifts. 

We recommend you use a service in order to make things easier and more efficient. You’ll still have the customization of being able to pick what goes into the gifts, but you’ll also have most of the practicals taken care of for you. 

Understand #Corporategifting 

As you can see, #corporategifting is more than just giving a gift. It’s a process of showing your employees and clients you care about them. It can make branding and onboarding much easier. 

For more information on #clientgifting, contact us today.