Holiday Gifts for Employees – New Year 2022 Corporate Gifting Ideas

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The holidays and New Year 2022 are fast approaching, which means it’s time to be thinking about client gifts.

While offering a corporate gift to your clients and employees is always a nice gesture, some Holiday Gifts for Employees tend to be more memorable than others. This time of year is a prime opportunity for you to show your clients and employees that you care and to ensure that you have a strong relationship going into the new year.

How can you be sure that your client gifting experience is memorable and meaningful? Read on for a few tips and New Year 2022 Corporate Gifting Ideas on how to take your corporate holiday gifting & New Year 2022 Corporate Gifting to the next level.

New Year 2022 Corporate Gifting Ideas :

Holiday Food and Treats

This is a go-to corporate gift for many businesses simply because it is so effective. Who doesn’t love getting sweets and treats for the holidays?

For a classic Corporate Gift baskets for New Year 2022 for your clients, consider going with a small box of chocolates or holiday candies. To take this a step further, you might give your clients some chocolate-covered fruits instead. If you want to go really decadent, you might even include a miniature bottle of wine with the package.

If you decide to go with this route for client gifting, be sure to keep dietary considerations and potential allergies in mind. You may need to include several different gift options, including nut-free or dairy-free package options.

Lotions and Candles

Give the gift of a sensory experience this holiday season.

Dry lips and chapped hands plague many people during the cold winter months. A gift of soothing lip balm or moisturizing hand lotion will be much appreciated by your clients. Go with a scented option for extra holiday cheer, or choose unscented if you need to keep sensory sensitivities in mind.

Similarly, candles can take a client’s evening from just fine to an immersive cozy experience. Scents like cinnamon, vanilla, and pine are perfect for the midwinter months.

Desk Supplies

Holiday Gifts for Employees or New Year Gifts for Employee can be both work-related and classy. Make coming to work an enjoyable experience for your employees. Give them the tools they need to get the job done and to feel good while doing it.

Good quality stationery, beautiful sticky notes, smoothly writing pens, and well-designed desk planners all make excellent employee gifts.

Branded Gifts

Don’t underestimate the marketing and advertising potential of your client gifts. Use this opportunity to give your employees and clients gifts that they value while getting your business name out into the world.

Pens, pencils, and stationery all offer valuable real estate for your name and logo. Mugs and tumblers are functional and able to be taken on the go.

Wearable items like hats, jackets, shirts, and sweatshirts also offer prime opportunities for your brand name to be seen by the world.

Something Cozy

Even if you don’t want to put your brand name on your Holiday Gifts for Employees, you can give your clients cozy wearable items to keep them warm all winter long.

Mittens, scarves, throw blankets, and cozy wool socks are compact and comfortable gift options. These options also eliminate the guesswork of having to purchase the appropriate clothing sizes for your clients.

Subscription Boxes

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Rather than splurging on knickknacks and swag right at the holidays, consider giving a year-long subscription to your clients instead.

A tea or coffee subscription shows your clients that you care about their comfort, not just branding. Plus, when their subscription box arrives on their doorstep once a month, they’ll be thinking about the person who sent it to them: you!

If your employees are still working from home, these subscription boxes can both serve as gifts and offer some of the creature comforts that would normally come provided with the office. Maybe you want to send them a small desktop flower or plant once a quarter. Perhaps they’d love to get a mini box of desk snacks delivered to their doorstep.

Anything you can do to show your employees that you care about their wellbeing will lift their spirits through the end of the year.

Custom Gift Sets Using Client Products

Nothing shows clients that you care more than purchasing their products to use in your end-of-year gifting.

Choose clients that create quality products with universal appeal. Have their products shipped to your distribution center so that they can be packaged and delivered from there?

This is also an excellent way to strengthen relationships between your employees and your clients. By gifting your employees some of the products from your clients, you’re encouraging them to patronize your clients’ businesses in the future. This kind of reciprocal relationship-building is what keeps clients coming back for years to come.

Hire a Service

While Selecting Holiday Gifts for Employees all the choices for employee and client gifts can be quite overwhelming. If you’re short on time this holiday season, how do you ensure that they still get the thoughtful gifts that they deserve?

Hire a corporate holiday gifting service to make sure everyone gets thoughtful and timely gifts. The service will take in information about your gifting goals, curate your gifts, and track shipping to all your employees and clients.

Spread the Joy With Your Client Gifts

No matter which option you decide to go with for your Corporate Gifts for New Year 2022 , make sure you choose quality products for your client gifts. They’ll notice the investment and value their relationship with you. You’ll set yourself up for doing even more and better business in the future.

Likewise, your employees will value their relationship with you and will stick around to help you keep doing great work.

Looking for New Year 2022 Corporate Gifting Ideas or Corporate Gifting Ideas for new employees? Contact us about our Kits and Bundles to take your employee onboarding up a notch!