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The Importance of New Employee Welcome Package : All You Need To Know

Onboarding Kits

Filling a vacant position in your company can cost thousands of dollars and take weeks. But it takes money to make money in business, and recruiting the right candidates is the most important investment you can make when running a company. When you’re spending a considerable amount of time and money on hires, you want to do what it takes to help them comfortably achieve full productivity within the shortest time possible. That’s where onboarding comes in. For many companies, onboarding kits are part of new employee welcome package. These kits help kick off your onboarding process, which will usually take weeks to complete successfully.

But exactly what does a good employee onboarding kit look like? More importantly, why should you make it part of your corporate gifting program?

Read on to learn more.

What Goes in a New Employee Welcome Package?

Every organization decides what goes into their onboarding kit, depending on their culture. But generally, top companies ensure that their kits contain items in three categories: 

  • Informative
  • Practical
  • Fun

Let’s get a closer look into each.

The Informative 

Each item in this category helps the employee learn something essential about their new work environment. Some of the items in this category include a letter from the company president, a map of the office, parking instructions, a key to the office, and a checklist of tasks that need to be done during the first month.

The Practical

These are items meant to help the new hire do their job. They may include a laptop, flash drive pens and notebooks, a monitor stand and mouse, professional development books, and more. 

The Fun 

Items in this category are not needs but wants. They include exciting work gear such as a t-shirt, hoodie, or sweater. You can also get water bottles, coffee mugs, stickers, pennants, enamel pins, and more.  These items are meant to add some fun to the onboarding kit, so don’t be afraid to be creative. 

Why New Employee Welcome Kits Are Important

Assembling an employee onboarding kit takes money, but it’s all money well spent. Here are four clear ways onboarding kits can make a difference in your company. 

They Help Establish a Strong Employee Experience

In many industries, vacant positions are at an all-time high.  Available talent has no shortage of employment opportunities. If hires don’t like the employee experience they get at your company, they may be tempted to look for other opportunities that suit them better.

Creating an exceptional onboarding process that starts with a carefully assembled Employee Welcome Package sets the tone of the employee experience in your firm. It exposes new hires to your company culture, including the fact that you’re a company that gifts its employees.

It shows that you’re interested in employee development, which can help keep employees happy, from hire to retire.

Welcome Package for New Employees Enhance Employee Engagement 

The vast majority of employees today are either totally unengaged or actively disengaged in their job places. A disengaged workforce can prove your worst nightmare as an employer. You constantly have to grapple with low productivity and profitability.

Thankfully, you can keep engagement rates from day one through a strong onboarding program. New hires who are onboarded the right way feel more connected to the organization, including its vision, mission, and values. 

An onboarding kit is an interesting way to help new hires learn more about the company. You can follow it up with breakfast with the company CEO or do something equally creative. Consider working with a corporate gifting company to provide suitable employee gifts as early recognition for a job well done. 

You Get to Attract More Talent  

A new hire’s onboarding experience determines whether they’ll recommend you to other candidates out there. The truth is many employees opt to voice their opinions publicly on social media and other platforms online. Organizations that offer unsatisfactory onboarding experiences risk getting their brands tarnished on review sites.

The right employee onboarding kits can help make your onboarding process more solid. Such an experience does not just make your new hires happy but also helps attract more talent. 

Once you’ve invested in a world-class onboarding program, encourage your new employees to write a preliminary review on their experience on Glassdoor and other top sites. These reviews can help give you the exposure your brand needs to strong candidates out there. 

You Get to Boost Employee Retention 

For many organizations today, retention is a huge priority. As we pointed out earlier, filling a position can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Once you’ve found the perfect fit for a job opening in your company, you want to hold onto them for as long as possible. 

A strong New Employee Welcome Package Keep hires invested in your organization from the first day. Note that many employees change their minds on an offer after signing, usually due to the negative experience they get soon after taking up the position.

When you offer a positive experience through a stellar onboarding program, you significantly boost the chances of new hires remaining with your firm for the long term.

Get Your New Hires on Board the Right Way

In today’s employee market, employers cannot afford to overlook the power of a well-thought-out onboarding program to attract and retain talent. Employee Welcome Package can make a great addition to every onboarding program. These kits go a long way in helping new hires become productive members of the team more quickly.  

Are you interested in purchasing the ideal corporate gift for your onboarding kit? Talk to us today to learn how we can help.