Everything to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Gifting Platform

corporate gifting platform

The overall value of the corporate gifting market in the United States is projected to reach Us$242 billion by the end of this year and will keep growing at an accelerated 8.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between then and 2024. Corporate gifts play a significant role in the social systems. For your business, they will help connect employees and break barriers between them and the system. Gifts go a long way to enhancing employee retention.

When deciding on the best corporate gifting platform, it’s crucial to know the full potential of an automated sending platform, as well as how those functionalities fit into your sending requirements and campaign plans.

With an ever-expanding field of providers, doing due diligence using the best practices outlined below can help you in choosing a provider who can provide the right set of capabilities while protecting your investment value.

Here is what to consider when choosing a corporate gifting platform.

Integrating Gifting Platforms

For a sending platform to operate, it must have the ability to integrate into the existing marketing automation systems. The platform should offer support and a unified integration hence sharing data in both directions.

The ability to work with a marketing automation platform is important. You get to execute campaigns and measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Gifting Platform Features and Services

The corporate gifting platforms should not only be about packaging and shipping. The platforms should offer a full-service suite of logistics, sourcing, and reporting features.

The services they offer help reduce the workload of your campaigns from the sourcing stage to the analysis stage.

Sending Options for Platforms

The gift options are a constituent of the package value proposition. There are many options out there to select. Your corporate gifting platform should allow you to choose from a wide range of options.

Corporate gift ideas include eGifts, edible treats, experience tickets, spirits, and tangible gifts. Note that not all platforms support every gift type. Select an option that allows you as much freedom of choice.

Engagement Types

The way the platform sends your gift should match what you send. You may want to send an eGift digitally or a physical box full of goodies.

You can also opt for client gifting, where you send them a high-value item. Your choice of campaign you want to send bears consideration as you choose your platform.


Each gift should feel personal for a successful campaign. Conduct business with a platform that offers various personalization options.

The options should include the type of items you send and package branding. You can also have personalized note cards, custom fillers, and materials.

The small touches lead to a better reception to your items, which leads to a higher ROI.

Business Goals

What are your business goals? You may want to enhance your employee retention through gifts. Ensure your business goals align with the corporate gifting platform.

Be sure the platform will meet all your expectations. They should align themselves with your short and long-term goals on most fronts. As things change, the platform should also evolve with your business.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting

The platforms make it easy to put together your gifts. They are best for companies who want to enhance their productivity through employee recognition.

Below are some of the reasons to practice corporate gifting.

Boosting Morale and Motivation

During the pandemic, this is very important since the employees are working remotely. Gifting will boost your workers’ morale. Employee recognition boosts their productivity.

Your employees are working long hours and may experience burn-outs. The best way to remedy that is by sending them a gift to uplift their morale and know the company values their efforts.

Also, you can send an employee on-boarding gifts to welcome your new employees to the company. That way, they will feel more valued, boosting their morale.

Maintains Loyalty

Gifts are a nice way of saying thank you to your repeat customers. The gifts you send to them should reciprocate their value to your business.

Take your time to boost your word-of-mouth referrals to generate more business.

Boosts Brand Awareness

Through the brand placements on corporate gifts, you get to maximize the company’s brand recognition. Gift branding is a nice way of spreading the word without being too loud.

But, avoid turning gifts into generic promotions. Generic promotions will turn off any prospective client.

Strengthens B2B Relationships

A nice way to begin a conversation with potential clients is through gifting. You get to establish respect and trust by curating gifts that reflect the relationship’s significance.

Bridge Long-Distance Gaps

The borderless aspect is one advantage of corporate gifts. You can opt to send a gift internationally as a way of developing connections outside your business’s geographic location.

Tangible gifts are better at creating connections than maintaining an online contact. Corporate gifting platforms allow you to stand out. You do so by offering a memorable dimension to business-client interaction.

Reduce Turnover

Employee recognition helps maintain a productive workforce. Ensure you engage with your team to know how they feel and support them when needed.

When they receive unexpected gifts, it communicates to them your gratitude. That way, they know their dedication is not unnoticed.

Choose the Best Corporate Gifting Platform

Corporate gifting platforms support businesses to form better and stronger work relationships. By hiring gifting experts, you get to save on time and money.

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