What is the Positive Impact of Gifting to Clients in 2022?

corporate gifting

We all love the feeling of receiving a gift. Whether you find something under the Christmas tree or get a birthday surprise, we love gifts. They make us feel great and appreciated. Corporate gifting takes this idea and applies it to business. Some businesses use client gifting to strengthen relationships and generate more sales. 

Some businesses allocate funds for corporate gifts like they do with ad spend. We’ll share some benefits of corporate gifts and how to incorporate this strategy.

The Positive Impact of Client Gifting

Your clients have busy lives. Many emails, notifications, and people compete for their attention. Why would a client remember you or buy your stuff instead of a competitor?

Quality, convenience, and pricing influence our decisions. However, you’ll find many competitors who specialize in those areas. Sending corporate gift boxes to clients helps them remember your brand.

Too many businesses rely on online communication to build relationships. People receive and send 121 business emails per day. It’s easy for someone to miss your email.

Your clients won’t receive nearly as much physical mail. Your gift will stand out and get your clients’ undivided attention. Some will email you expressing their gratitude, leading to a strengthened relationship.

Some businesses use corporate gifting to rebuild stagnant relationships. A gift in the mail can reignite previous relationships between you and past clients.

Relationships lead to more business. You can include merchandise or a gift card for your brand. Some clients will generate repeat business, while others will refer their colleagues. 

Clients will remember you each time they use your gift. If you get them a 5-iron, they’ll think of you each time they go on the range and use your gift.

You stay top of mind for more clients. This vital advantage has become more important in recent years. Social networks and other platforms compete for attention.

The Positive Gift of Employee Gifting

Why stop with your clients? Employees keep your business running. Without them, you’d have to scale down quickly.

Giving gifts to your workers will increase employee retention. You’ll keep your top talents and attract new workers.

Mention the gifting program during the employee onboarding process. It will inspire employees to work hard and stay with your company. You can offer end-of-the-year gifts to your employees for helping your company.

Gifts will make your employees feel appreciated. Employees who feel appreciated will work harder for you.

Corporations can implement an Employee Points Program to incentivize productivity and good behavior. You can reward employees based on output, effort, and other variables. 

The Employee Points Program gamifies the work experience, and it can stretch to core values. You can provide points when employees do charitable work for their local communities. Corporations can offer donation matches when employees raise money for worthy causes.

Employee recognition makes your company a valuable place to work. The paycheck no longer becomes the sole factor.

Gift giving won’t let you skirt past low pay. However, it can keep employees in your company if they get presented with a similar job offer as yours.

Corporate Gifts Are Not Bribes

Corporate gifts for clients and employees are strategic. You hope that a client returns or refers friends. You also hope employees work harder because you’re giving them something.

However, those outcomes may not happen. Recipients choose with their free will instead of feeling pushed to take action. 

Don’t prod clients and employees about corporate gifts. Wait for them to start the conversation.

Corporations should choose affordable gifts. These gifts have a function but aren’t over the top. Gifting a client with a Lamborghini feels like a bribe. It’s as if you want something in return.

A more humble gift does not create that sentiment. A sports cap for the client’s favorite team or a charming sweater for an employee doesn’t cost much money. However, these gifts build relationships. 

Think of gift giving as a generous deed. You don’t expect anything in return, but any returns come as nice bonuses.

In the corporate gift giving world, you can get plenty of those “nice bonuses.” It’s human nature for us to reciprocate.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Businesses can select from various corporate gift ideas. These gift ideas make recipients feel appreciated without breaking the bank.

Giving them a high-end gift can backfire, feeling more like a bribe than a kind gesture. These gift ideas will help you get started.

  • Backpacks
  • Notebooks
  • Clothing
  • Mugs
  • Phone accessories
  • Books
  • Gift cards
  • Handwritten notes
  • Charity donation
  • Free lunch

Branded gifts remind clients about your corporation. The branding helps recipients remember each time they use your gift.

You can start with these corporate gift ideas and add more to the list. These affordable gifts can make any recipient’s day. The unexpected and thoughtful gifts often carry the most charm.

These gifts come with a low cost but massive ROI potential. You can find corporate gift ideas for any budget.

Using A Corporate Gifting Platform to Execute Gifting Programs

Corporate gifting can pay great dividends for your company. You’ll expand your network, strengthen relationships, and increase employee retention.

You’ll also feel good as the gift giver. It feels great to receive a gift as a surprise. However, givers often feel better than the recipients. The phrase “the gift of giving” perfectly captures this mentality.

Giving gifts to various clients and employees can feel daunting. Using a corporate gifting platform helps you implement gifting programs.

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