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Using A Corporate Gifting Platform to Execute Corporate Gifting Programs


The gift of giving is always better than receiving, especially in today’s world. Many employees and customers are losing morale and faith in companies, which can cause issues with retention, and therefore, profits. Smart business owners have realized that showing appreciation is a wise investment, as the revolving door of hiring and customer acquisition is tedious and expensive. But you can’t be too generous, as this will eat into profits as well! Having a solid gifting program can help you manage both inventory and corporate relationships; the question is how to execute it efficiently.

This article will show you how to use a corporate gifting platform like Givenly to execute gifting programs and what benefits come with it!

How to Execute Corporate Gifting :

Employee Gifting

If workers don’t feel seen or appreciated, it’s very likely they’ll leave your company for one that does. This is especially true post-COVID, where there are staff shortages everywhere.

Showing a bit of employee recognition can go a long way, and help keep morale up. Here are a few methods of corporate gifting you can try to bump up employee retention.

Onboarding Gifting

What better way to show appreciation than to give out gifts for employee onboarding? It can be scary to join a new business, so making your new workers feel at home immediately is vital for retention.

Givenly’s platform allows you to create custom kits so you can tailor every welcome package.

Birthday Gifting

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to your big day, only for it to turn out like any other day. While corporate teams might organize their own internal celebrations, it’s always a fantastic touch to be celebrated by your boss!

If you’ve got a large business, it can be tough to keep track of everyone’s birthdays though. But with a company gifting program, this won’t be a problem!

You can set up and schedule entire employee birthday programs in a matter of minutes. No matter whose birthday it is, you can bet they’ll have a big smile on their face when they receive a nice present on their special day!

Holiday Gifting

Show your workers you don’t want them to be workhorses 24/7 by offering a nice gift when the holiday season arrives. Like with birthday gifting, you can schedule hundreds of presents for your employees with just a few clicks of the mouse.

With Givenly, you won’t have to worry about disappointing your workforce when major holidays roll around. They’ll be pleased all year round with your thoughtful gifts!

Client Gifting

Like employees, customers want to feel valued by businesses. You can also employ onboarding, birthday, and holiday gifting programs that’ll be effective for clients.

But in addition, you can create marketing and promotional kits and bundles. You can send these out to prospects to help nudge them. Or if you’ve got a new product, you can send out promo kits to existing clients to help make them make repeat purchases.

How Givenly Works and Its Benefits

Our gifting and incentive platform (CGI) provides you with a central hub to create and maintain your gifting programs.

Salesforce Integration

If you’ve already got a gifting program, you won’t have to worry about building it from the ground up again. Givenly integrates seamlessly with Salesforce so you can actually execute the programs from within.

Choose From a Wide Range of Vendors

We work with vendors from all across the US. As a result, there’s a catalog of hundreds of gifts you can choose from.

Points Portal

Gamification works well to motivate employees and increase engagement. When they can bank points and redeem them for desired items, workers will put forth their best efforts. Not only will morale rise, but also productivity.

Remember, positive reinforcement works much better than punishments!

Digital Redemptions

Want to offer your recipients more choices? Then digital redemptions are ideal here, especially if you aren’t sure what they’d like and the deadline is looming.

You can send a Redemption through Givenly that allows clients and customers to pick from a curated list of gifts. And even better is, you can either send these Redemptions immediately or schedule them for the future.

Centralized Dashboard

Get an overall view of all sending activity from an easy-to-read dashboard. You can also access order reports to determine which products are hot (and which aren’t). Export data into CSV with a click of a button to report ordering with accuracy and speed.

This, in combination with the integrated warehousing service, will ensure both your workers and clients stay happy with in-stock products.

You can also put in spending controls on granular individual levels and general organizational ones. Another limit you can customize is the merchandise and corporate gifts your workplace can access.

Full End-to-End Business

Working with multiple vendors can be a hassle; you’ve got better things to do with your time. Givenly takes care of everything, including sourcing the products and management of delivery issues.

All you’ll have to do is log on, set up your program, and that’s it!

Execute Corporate Gifting Effectively

With the right corporate gifting platform, you’ll be able to execute your company gifting program flawlessly. Not only will you keep your employees happy, but also your clients.

In the end, it’s a recipe for success when you can provide everyone with positive experiences. And best of all is, Givenly can do this all for you with little work on your part!

So if you’d like to get started on a corporate gifting solution, then sign up with Givenly now. We’ll make it easy for you to build company loyalty.