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How Employee Recognition Programs Can Boost Productivity

Employee Gift Ideas

Most professionals are more likely to stay at their current job if employee recognition programs are in place.

People are happier and more productive in their workplace if they feel valued and appreciated. One easy way to show your employees you care is by offering gifts.

A small gift can make someone feel great and lead to better performance and better results for your company. If you want to experience the benefits mentioned here, keep reading to learn how a small change makes a big difference.

Recognition Improves Trust

If your employees trust that you see and appreciate all their hard work, they feel more motivated to keep doing their best. On the other hand, if employees feel their work goes unnoticed, they’re more likely to produce lower quality work or feel undervalued in the workplace.

Employee recognition programs help employees trust your business more as they see their work will never be cast aside.

Offering recognition for an overall job well done, meeting specific sales numbers, gaining a new client, or other everyday situations helps people strive to reach these goals.

Incentives Boost Competition

Offering incentives to employees based on performance against their peers helps foster healthy competition among them.

Employee points programs are a great way to carry this through. Assigning points to various tasks and accomplishments is how you set the foundation. From here, establishing a number of points for a particular prize is crucial.

Your employees will have a clear idea of what they need to do to earn a specific prize. Having a board or online tally system for people to viewpoints can take things to the next level.

People will naturally work harder to beat out their fellow employees for the gift. As a result, productivity gets boosted, and it can strengthen relationships among team members as they keep a close eye on one another’s progress.

Holding competitions like this on a regular basis consistently promotes a productive workplace.

Personalization Leads to Appreciation

Personalized employee recognition programs help employees appreciate their managers and bosses more.

When a staff member respects and appreciates others within the company, they’re more likely to work hard to help you succeed. Whereas if they don’t appreciate you, it’s harder to find the motivation to work hard and enjoy their position.

Some times when you might give personalized gifts to boost employee’s appreciation for their workplace and employers include:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Work anniversaries
  • Completion of big projects
  • Higher sales/profits overall
  • Good reviews
  • Personal growth
  • Referrals

Noticing these special moments throughout someone’s career helps foster a healthy work environment and shows that someone is paying close attention to their work.

Clear Goals Give Clear Expectations

It’s impossible for someone to be productive if they don’t know what they’re working toward. That’s why setting clear goals lead to better productivity.

But setting goals without any incentive to reach them doesn’t make it easy for people to focus and reach for them. So attaching an incentive to goals is what truly boosts productivity.

Having an employee points program for each employee can help in this situation. However, unlike a points program for a competition, these points are for each employee individually. So they don’t need to get shared publicly.

When they reach goals and milestones, they get awarded a certain number of points. Over time these points add up, and they can shop from your catalog of employee gifts for something they want.

Your “store” can have pre-set kits and bundles, single items, personalized items, and company-branded items for people to choose from. 

Some items you might offer for them to choose from are:

  • Self-care kits
  • Chocolate gift baskets
  • Personalized mugs
  • Plants
  • Coffee 
  • Personalized stationery
  • Company swag
  • Subscription boxes

Our merchandise is high-quality and vast, so your employees have the gift of choice when it comes time to cash in their points.

Welcome Packages

One time when employee gifting can set the tone for employees and make them want to be as productive as possible is during the onboarding process.

New employees need to learn what to expect from you just as much as they need to learn how to perform their job duties. If you offer welcome packages to new employees and explain any incentive programs right away, they will start their job with high productivity.

A great welcome package should be a good mix of company promotional items, generic items, and possibly a customized item.

For example, you could include a notebook and pens with the company logo, a travel coffee mug with their name on it, and some tasty treats. 

While this example is simple, it’s personalized to show you care, offers the chance for free marketing with the branded items, and gives them something yummy to eat on their break.

Letting them know about other incentive programs at this time highlights how important hard work and results are to you while showing them what to expect when they perform well.

Employee Recognition Is Your Key to Success

Making employee recognition a big part of your business can set you apart and lead to highly motivated employees with great productivity!

Whether you choose to go all out with your gifting, offer points-based programs, welcome packages, or keep things nice and simple, gifting at all makes a difference in how people feel.

If you’d like to learn more about our corporate gifting platform, merchandise options, and services, please check out this page and fill out the contact form when you’re ready to take the leap!