5 Great Ideas for Corporate Holiday Gifting 

Corporate Holiday Gifts

Corporate gifting is essential all year round as it is the thought that makes your clients and your employees feel appreciated. This is especially true during the holidays when gifts are coming and going from all directions. 

If you are wondering how to make an impact when your gift recipients may have seen it all then you might have a tough job to do. Luckily, here at Givenly, we make your task a little easier by offering over 10,000+ gift ideas to suit anyone’s personality. 

Start by reading our top 5 list of corporate gifts for this holiday season below. 

1. Personalized Keepsakes

Corporate gifting sometimes becomes impersonal as you might get the same thing for two people that work together. However, buying different items for everyone on your clientele list would be a full-time job.

Instead, make the gift personalized with their name. All you need is a list of names and we will do the rest. 

Some personalized keepsake items include:

  • Coffee mugs paired with a cozy hot chocolate mixture
  • Water bottles to remind them to hydrate
  • Key chains that help you locate your car keys
  • Water bottles to remind you to hydrate
  • Candy dishes just in time for party season
  • Personalized puzzles with elegant cursive image 
  • Scented candle holder in your favorite holiday scent

These keepsakes are perfect for the holidays but can be used all year round. That makes them extra special as your clients and employees will remember your sincerity throughout the year. 

2. Office Accessories

When it comes to useful presents you can’t go wrong with some office accessories as corporate gifts for employees. However, don’t go searching in the supply closet for gifts. Think outside of the box to make your co-workers’ cubicles or office fun and unique. 

Corporate swag isn’t just for new employees or staff recognition, it can also be a great holiday gift. They can also make your employees’ jobs easier. 

For example, maybe your staff has been asking for more comfortable mouse pads. Go all out and get leather mouse pads or ones that support the wrist while decreasing the chances of carpel tunnel syndrome. Adding the company logo or an encouraging message makes it extra special.

Other comfy examples of employee holiday office accessories include a lumbar support/massager for their chairs or blue light blockers for their computer screens. All of these items are office appropriate but aren’t all about work. They make your staff feel welcomed and appreciated, which will also increase productivity.

3. Useful Electronics

Corporate holiday gifts should evolve just like everything else. So, why not go more modern with your gift ideas with useful electronics?

These gifts don’t have to be expensive either. Buying wireless cellphone charges, hand-held speakers, or earbuds can fit into your budget when you get them in bulk.

Not all electronics have to be physical. Think about upgrading or buying new software products for your employees. Or purchasing apps for your clients like fitness tracking, music subscriptions, or language lessons. Choose which product fits your industry’s network to find an app that meets the needs of your client base. 

4. Corporate Gift Basket

Everyone has received corporate gift baskets at one point, so finding one that they have never seen is a challenge. You also want to make it relevant to the season, which also limits your options. 

We can help you find a unique collaboration of gift basket items that have a holiday theme like no other. For instance, help your clients deck the halls with a basket full of holiday decorations. From ornaments to table settings, this basket will put anyone in the mood to celebrate. 

Baskets can also have a holiday motif and still serve a purpose. Gather self-care items like lotions, scrubs, and body wash paired with a fluffy blanket for a cozy night in during the holiday break. Or assist your employees with other gift giving by including an array of children stocking stuffers. Nothing says helpful like making holiday shopping easier for your employees.

5. Let Them Choose

Sometimes corporate gift ideas can get complicated as you try to suit everyone’s desires and needs. At Givenly, we know how frantic it can be during this time to buy everyone a special present, even a corporate gift. That is why we make it easy with our Redemption Portal Technology.

All you need to do is set up a redemption list through our gifting platform. Recipients receive a link to choose their gift. They will get their chosen item according to your schedule automatically. So, all of your gifts will be sent without lifting a finger. 

This is a great way to give your clients and employees several options that fit their personalities. One client may prefer a corporate swag yoga mat to go on their yoga retreat doing the holiday. Or an employee would prefer the portable speaker for their New Year’s Eve party.

The redemption system takes care of addresses as well. So you do not need to gather mailing addresses or work with the post office to send gifts. 

Corporate Gifts Made Easy

The holidays are the busiest time of year, both in the office and at home. It can be stressful to try to please everyone, especially when your business’ reputation is on the line with the perfect corporate gifts.

Let Givenly take the burden out of your hands as we make choosing and sending gifts as easy as clicking a button. Get started by downloading the Givenly app today.