15 Creative Business Gifting Ideas and Best Gifts for Clients, Customers & Employees :

Business Gifting

The holidays are coming, but you’re unsure what to get your clients. Buying something without personalization could give the wrong impression. The whole point of business gifting is to increase ROI and form and keep connections, but how?

While developing the perfect business gift ideas might seem tough, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on the best gifting ideas and techniques to stand out this holiday season. 

1. Useful Client Gift Ideas

Think about an item your client can keep forever (mug, cupholder, etc.), a useful item, and something they can eat or drink.

Coffee, candy, and cookies are popular options. Long-term options are candles, water bottles, etc. 

2. Customize It

Customize gifts whenever possible. If you can’t customize client gifting, include a personalized letter.

Don’t forget your company logo and business card to be memorable. Consider custom-branded elements on the exterior of the gift. 

QR codes are a popular option. These QR codes could link to your site or videos. 

3. Seasonal Gift Giving

Corporate gifts can happen year-round. They can include birthdays, promotions, thank you’s, etc. 

Consider the time of the year you’ll be sending the gift. For example, lemonade or tea bags for the summer months and candy for the fall. Sending it outside of the holidays will make you memorable! 

4. Fresh Fruit

Stand out by offering a healthy basket. Many fresh fruit baskets are inexpensive as well.

Customize the basket whenever possible. If you know what fruits or other snacks they like, include them. 

5. Personalized Journals

Many love journaling, whether writing their thoughts, schedule, or gratitude. Clients can create to-do lists, make appointments, and write reminders.

Every time they go to open the journal, they’ll think of your business. Personalize it by using their name or favorite color. 

6. Tea Varieties

If your client or employee loves tea, surprise them with tea varieties. Include a customized mug for corporate gifting. 

From ginger to hibiscus, there are a variety of teas to choose from. You could even add a teaspoon or tea cup to complete the box. 

6. A Travel Destination Map

A travel destination map is perfect for client gifting if you know your client often travels. They can mark where they’ve been and where they’re going next. Clients can also highlight dream destinations and their favorite locations. 

7. Gourmet Food

You can’t go wrong with gourmet food baskets for a client or employee recognition. Check their dietary restrictions and allergies before sending this. Many companies will allow you to customize based on restrictions. 

Some delicious options include: 

  • Salami
  • Bruschetta
  • Farmhouse cheese
  • And more 

8. Custom Tumblers 

During the employee onboarding process include branded custom tumblers. Custom tumblers work for clients as well. They’ll remember your company whenever they pour soda, coffee, tea, or shakes. 

You could also include K-cups, ground coffee, or tea bags. Include your logo and company name in the package. 

9. Wine Glasses

For the wine lover, buy them customized wine glasses. Find out their favorite drink to include with the wine glasses. You could also include gourmet food or snacks. 

10. Books

Employee recognition and clients will love a book. You could buy a non-fiction book that could help steer them in the right direction work-wise. 

They could place it on their desk. Consider placing a customized message with it. 

11. Grill Sets

Unique corporate gifts include grill sets. Engrave the case with custom text such as your logo, telling them what a great job they do, or the client’s name. Grill sets are an excellent way to increase long-term work. 

12. Board Games

For more relaxed clients or employees, consider board games. Board games are a unique gift, and they’ll think of you every time they play. 

It also encourages work-life balance for your employees. Consider adding customization to the board or box it comes in. Don’t forget a card. 

13. Personalized Cutting Board

Choose a customized cutting board with their name on it. You could apply congratulations to the board for employees who have received a promotion. Don’t forget gourmet meals or snacks. 

14. Bird Feeders

For the bird lover, include a custom bird feeder. It could include an employee’s unique benefit to your company, hand-crafted designs, and custom messages. You could also include bird feed in the package. 

15. Smartwatches 

A smartwatch is perfect for ensuring your client or employee are on time. They can reply to messages, make calls, and receive notifications. Smartwatches can also let them know about their sleep cycle and fatigue. 

Corporate Gift Tips 

Choose quality over quantity. Remember that the gift is about them.

Think about what they’ll enjoy, whether it’s a golf ball set, cheeses, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Then, think about your conversations and what they’ve told you they enjoy. 

Personalization is key. Any time you can customize or engrave an item will stand out more. 

Try not to give the same gift to each person. Have each gift unique to the client. Avoid sending gifts they won’t enjoy, such as snacks for those on the keto diet. 

Unique Business Gifting Ideas

No matter what time of the year, business gifting ideas will help your employees and clients feel special. Are you ready to get started with ordering corporate gifts? 

Then schedule, send, and track hundreds of gifts from curated vendors in minutes!

Contact us today to get started. Then, turn it over to us, and you won’t have to worry about holiday gifting again!

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