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How to Make Corporate Gifting Sustainable: A Guide

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Corporate gifting has experienced tremendous and steady growth over recent years. In 2021, U.S. corporate gifting jumped to $242 billion from 2019’s $217 billion. It has become a popular trend in business as it helps strengthen relationships, express gratitude, drive sales, and incentivize performance while helping companies promote their brand and stay connected with their stakeholders.

These days, a specific type of corporate gifting is becoming more popular—sustainable corporate gifting. Companies are increasingly being held accountable for their environmental and ethical impact, which is true for their gifting practices. Corporate gifting can be a vital part of building relationships with customers and employees, so it’s important to ensure it is done with consideration for its environmental impact.

In this article, we will explore how to make corporate gifting sustainable, such as using eco-friendly materials, buying local, and working with businesses that share your values.

Benefits of Sustainable Corporate Gifting  

Making corporate gifting sustainable has many benefits. By using eco-friendly materials and wasting fewer resources, companies can make a positive contribution to the environment, which can be an important part of their brand. Additionally, choosing sustainable items as gifts can create positive relationships with customers and employees as they appreciate being thought of in a very environmentally conscious way. 

Using Eco-Friendly Materials 

One of the easiest ways to make corporate gifts more sustainable is to use eco-friendly materials.

Reusable items such as mugs and water bottles are great options for corporate gifts as they can be reused for a long time. Additionally, items made from recycled materials are a great option as they reduce the number of resources used. Items such as recycled paper notebooks and upcycled coasters are both practical and sustainable options. 

Buying Local 

Another way to make corporate gifting sustainable is to buy from local businesses. This helps support small businesses in your community while also reducing your environmental impact.

Buying from local businesses means less transportation is required to deliver your goods. Most local businesses like to source raw materials from other local shops, making it a cycle of supporting one another in the community. Their products are usually not mass-produced, so you can find unique and thoughtful gifts that won’t be found anywhere else.

Working with Businesses That Share Your Values 

When buying corporate gifts, it’s important to ensure that the businesses you’re working with share your values. As with any purchase, you should ensure you’re buying from responsible, ethical, and sustainable businesses. Researching the company can give you a better understanding of whether they are doing the right thing regarding their own sustainability and ethical practices.


Sustainable corporate gifting is an excellent way for companies to show their commitment to the environment and the communities they operate in. By using eco-friendly materials, buying local, and working with businesses that share their values, companies can ensure that their corporate gifts are meaningful and sustainable.

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