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The Importance of Employee Swag Stores To Turbocharge Your Brand

The cost per impression for branded mugs and related products has been estimated to be close to $0.004 [Source: BPMA]. – WOW!  That is some very affordable advertising. And there are few better forms of advertising that are more effective than when your own employees and partners are the ones who are promoting your brand without even trying to by sporting your corporate branded swag and promotional items.

Promotional Product and Swag advertising works. It can be a frequent and ongoing form of passive advertising with serious long-term benefits. But the trick is to get your team’s buy in, collaboration and participation in your Corporate Swag strategy.

This is why implementing an effective and engaging Employee Store is so important.  Promotional Products ARE NOT an expense. They are an investment into Marketing and should be a part of every Marketing budget.

Your employees are your most valuable resource. So, providing them with an accessible Company Store with a fantastic selection of merchandise that they will want to receive and engage with is critical.

There are many solutions in the marketplace to provide such a Company Swag store to your employees.  However, the up front investment in inventory and the requirement to purchase multiple quantities of any given SKU can be daunting.  That’s why programs that offer a wide selection of merchandise with no minimum quantities and no inventory requirements are a huge game changer.  A program such as Brand on Demand like the one offered by can be hugely advantageous.

The risk on making buying too many items – or too few – is completely negated by such a program.  Brand on Demand allows you to offer a “fully stocked’ Company Swag store without the upfront investment and “guess work” that goes into a standard Employee Store offering.

Your employees can find what they want, in the sizes and colors that they prefer, without Marketing needing to worry about keeping things stocked and available.

Your brand is important, and your employees are your promotional force. So why not maximize the benefits and mitigate the risk with a program like Brand on Demand?  It’s a program that you can’t afford not to take advantage of!