The Benefits of Using a Corporate Gifting Platform Like Givenly

corporate gifting solution for sending the gift of choice

In the corporate world, the art of gifting has been revolutionized by platforms like Givenly. These platforms offer a comprehensive solution for corporate gifting, employee recognition, and promo stores. Let’s delve into the benefits of using such a platform.

Streamlining Recognition and Promo Programs

One of the key benefits of using a corporate gifting platform like Givenly is the ability to unite your recognition and promo programs. Whether you are appreciating customers, recognizing employees, running the company store, or all three, Givenly’s solution makes it possible to streamline these programs and centralize your data into one easy-to-use system. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in your gifting and recognition efforts.

Making Your Company Stand Out

With Givenly, you can make your company stand out by delivering an integrated Warehousing Service that can meet the needs of most any corporate merchandise program. You can access your inventory right from within your Givenly portal, control inventory levels, restrict ordering, and automate inventory replenishment. This level of control and automation can help your company stand out in the eyes of your employees and clients.

Enhancing Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a crucial aspect of any organization’s culture. Givenly’s revolutionary Points Portal enables you to deliver a truly engaging and rewarding experience to your employees. This can boost morale, loyalty, and overall happiness within your organization.

“Recognize more people with gifts in less time” – Givenly

Centralized Dashboard for Better Visibility

Givenly offers a centralized dashboard that provides visibility and reporting over your organization’s gift and promo sending activity. This allows you to understand trends, engagement, what’s popular, and more. Implementing cost governance and having all your activity intelligence in a clean and informative dashboard can greatly benefit your organization.

Digital Redemptions for Personalized Gifting

With Givenly’s Redemption Gifting platform, you can send the gift of choice and allow your recipients to select what they wish. This makes the occasion incredibly special by personalizing the whole experience from the email to the landing page to the catalog itself.

In the next part of this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits of using a corporate gifting platform like Givenly, focusing on aspects like holiday gifting, employee onboarding kits, and more. Stay tuned!

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