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5 Ways To Recognize Employees Using a Corporate Gifting Platform

employee recognition and corporate gifting

A corporation’s heartbeat isn’t the services it provides or the products it makes, but rather the dedicated employees who contribute their time, energy, and ideas every day. Acknowledging employees for their contributions is not just a nice thing to do, but it is an effective way to motivate them and strengthen their commitment to the company. Enter the fascinating world of corporate gifting – a powerful tool for employee recognition. At, we are experts in helping businesses make this magic happen. So, without further ado, let’s dive into five creative ways to recognize your team members using a corporate gifting platform.

1. Utilize Brand-On-Demand Gifts

Offering gifts that highlight your brand is a double win. Not only do employees get the recognition they deserve, but every time they use the item, your company’s visibility is enhanced. Our Brand-on-Demand service allows you to customize gifts, making them tangible reminders of the company’s appreciation.

Employee Engagement Idea: Organize a photo contest where employees snap a creative picture using their branded gift. This not only provides an additional layer of engagement but also strengthens the community within your team.

2. Celebrate Milestones with Corporate Gifts

Milestone celebrations are a time-honored tradition in many companies, and what better way to commemorate these moments than with a thoughtful gift? Using our Corporate Gifting service, you can offer meaningful presents that resonate with your employees and show that their milestones are valued.

Employee Relationship Idea: Allow employees to choose their milestone gift from a curated selection. This personal touch shows that you care about their preferences and recognize their individuality.

3. Festive Cheers with Holiday Gifting

Holidays offer the perfect occasion to show appreciation to your team. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the end of the financial year, giving your employees a holiday gift can be a delightful surprise. Check out our extensive Holiday Gifting options to choose the perfect presents.

Culture-building Idea: Add a personalized holiday greeting card to the gift package. A heartfelt message acknowledging their efforts can turn a simple holiday gift into a memorable experience.

4. Welcome Newbies with Onboarding Kits

First impressions are vital, and an onboarding kit can help set the tone for a new hire’s journey in your company. Providing a gift package as a part of our Employee Onboarding Kits can help the new team members feel valued from day one.

Employee Integration Idea: Include some “insider” gifts in the package. These could be favorite snacks or tools recommended by their future colleagues. This thoughtful gesture can foster a sense of belonging even before they start.

5. Foster Healthy Competition with Employee Points

Introducing a point-based system can be an innovative way to recognize and reward your employees. Through our Employee Points platform, staff can earn points for meeting targets, helping peers, or showcasing exemplary work ethic, which they can redeem for exciting rewards.

Team-building Idea: Implement a peer nomination system where employees can nominate each other for points based on acts of teamwork or kindness. This approach encourages employees to recognize each other’s efforts, fostering a supportive and appreciative work culture.

In conclusion, gifting is about more than just material goods – it’s about acknowledging the effort and value each employee brings to your organization. And with the right approach and platform like, you can turn it into an engaging, rewarding experience that fuels motivation and loyalty. Be sure to check out our Articles and Advice page for more insights on employee recognition and corporate gifting.

Happy Gifting!