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How to Engage Employees and Clients through an Online Gifting Experience

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As many organizations transition to remote work and virtual event practices, maintaining strong connections with clients and employees through the digital realm has become increasingly important. Hosting virtual corporate events offers a unique opportunity to foster team unity, nurture client relationships, and generate excitement around your brand, even in today’s increasingly remote business environment. Integrating an effective online gifting experience is an essential component to not only engage attendees but also add a memorable and meaningful touch to the event. 

In this article, we will explore valuable tips and strategies for incorporating online gifting into your virtual corporate events, whether they are team-building activities, recognition ceremonies, product launches, or client appreciation webinars. By designing a well-planned and immersive online gifting experience, you can significantly elevate your virtual events, fostering employee engagement, client loyalty, and a strong sense of connection within your organization.

We provide you with the tools and insights necessary to create impactful, engaging, and enjoyable virtual corporate events through the strategic use of online gifting. As you follow our guidance, you’ll be poised to elevate your virtual events, creating lasting impressions that enhance employee engagement and bolster strong relationships with clients, all made possible with Givenly’s innovative gifting & company store solution.

The Impact of Online Gifting on Virtual Corporate Events

Incorporating online gifting into your virtual corporate events can significantly transform the event experience for both employees and clients. Thoughtful gifts not only convey appreciation and gratitude but also serve as a lasting, tangible representation of your company’s values and goals. This can lead to enhanced goodwill, fostering a sense of connection, loyalty, and shared purpose among the attendees. By blending engaging virtual activities with well-chosen, personalized gifts, you set the stage for truly memorable and impactful corporate events.

Tailoring Your Online Gifting Experience for Different Virtual Events

The virtual event landscape is diverse and offers a multitude of opportunities for companies to engage with their teams and clients. Understanding the unique requirements of each event type is crucial in developing a tailored and effective online gifting strategy.

1. Team-building Activities: For events aimed at boosting team morale, consider gifts that promote collaboration, creativity, or healthy competition. Examples include DIY kits, board games, or puzzle sets. Encourage teams to use these gifts in interactive virtual challenges to foster camaraderie.

2. Recognition Ceremonies: Acknowledge employees’ hard work, dedication, and achievements with high-quality, personalized awards or customized mementos. Combine these with heartfelt, customized messages to maximize the impact of your recognition efforts.

3. Product Launches: Create excitement among clients, employees, and partners with themed, limited-edition branded items that showcase your innovative new release. This strengthens their association with your brand and encourages a sense of investment in your organization’s growth.

4. Client Appreciation Webinars: Show your gratitude to clients with thoughtful, tailor-made gifts that reflect their preferences and demonstrate your commitment to their success. The online gifting experience should feel personalized, attentive, and sincere.

Planning a Successful Virtual Corporate Event Gifting Strategy

Developing a strategic, coordinated approach to online gifting during virtual events is essential for ensuring communication consistency, efficiency, and impact. Consider the following elements when devising your gifting strategy:

1. Budget: Establish a realistic budget for your virtual event gifting efforts, considering factors such as event scale, attendee count, and company resources. This will help guide your gift choices and ensure a well-executed plan.

2. Timeline: Create an appropriate timeline for each stage of the gifting process, including product selection, customization, logistics, and distribution. Coordinate this timeline with your overall event schedule and clearly communicate with all parties involved.

3. Logistics: Determine the most efficient and cost-effective method for delivering gifts to attendees, considering factors such as geographic location, scheduling, and shipping. Ensure a smooth process by coordinating with vendors, delivery services, and your in-house team.

4. Follow-up: After the event, engage in a post-event follow-up to gather feedback from attendees regarding their gifting experience. Use these insights to refine and improve future virtual gifting initiatives.

Customization and Personalization: The Key to Lasting Impact

Adding a personal touch to your online gifting strategy will make a lasting impression on event attendees, creating a sense of connection and affinity with your company. Opt for unique, customized items that reflect your company’s values, goals, and principles. Additionally, by offering personalized elements such as monograms, name engravings, or custom packaging, you cultivate a sense of particular care and appreciation for each recipient.

Givenly: Streamlining Your Online Gifting Strategy

Givenly offers an invaluable platform to execute your online gifting strategy during virtual events effortlessly. Key benefits of leveraging Givenly’s services include the following:

1. Efficient Platform Management: Givenly simplifies inventory management, shipping logistics, and order processing, streamlining your online gifting management for virtual events.

2. Wide Product Selection: Access an extensive range of high-quality, customizable gifts, allowing for a diverse and well-curated gifting strategy.

3. Customization Capabilities: Easily personalize gifts with a variety of customization options, ensuring a tailored and memorable gifting experience for attendees.


Integrating online gifting into your virtual corporate events is an effective way to elevate the overall experience and nurture lasting connections with employees and clients. Leverage Givenly to craft personalized, engaging, and well-executed gifting strategies that capture the essence of your organization’s values and aspirations. Make your virtual events enjoyable and impactful through the strategic use of online gifting initiatives, solidifying your company’s position as a thoughtful and forward-thinking leader in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Givenly empowers companies to create and execute corporate gifts online to enhance the virtual event experience. We provide corporate gifting and company store solutions to help you connect with clients, recognize employees, and manage your company’s branded store. Register with us today!