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Employee Gifting Ideas : Redemption System, Sending the Gift of Choice

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Loyal employees are the backbone of successful businesses. Keeping employees engaged can be challenging, and #corporategifting can be a lot to keep up with.

A great way to keep your employees engaged and happy is with a gift redemption program that can be used to redeem gifts of choice. These redemption programs allow clients and employees to select gifts that are right for them, without the hassle of customization on your end. Best of all, you can feel good about keeping your staff happy and appreciated all year.

Givenly makes creating these programs easy and stress-free. Keep reading for everything you need to know about setting these corporate gifting programs up. 

What is a Corporate Gifting Redemption Program? 

A gift redemption program is an online gifting center, completely curated to fit your needs. 

The problem with traditional corporate gifts is the lack of personalization. Everybody is different, and if you manage a large operation, it can be impossible to have custom gifts for everyone. Redemption gifting solves this problem.

With redemption gifting programs, you no longer need to mull over individual gifts. Whenever you have an occasion for corporate gifting, simply design a redemption page with a variety of gifts that recipients can select from. These gifts can vary widely depending on your budgets and goals, but have options for everyone.

This allows your recipients to pick the gift that is best for them!

Employee and client gifting has never been easier- everyone loves being able to choose something that really works for them, and you will love the satisfaction of being able to provide quality gifts. 

Employee Gifting Ideas?

There are a multitude of different ways to distribute gifts throughout the year. Below are some Employee Gifting ideas for getting started.

Celebrate Goal Accomplishment

Whatever your field of work is, your employees likely have clear goals and expectations to meet. When employees meet and exceed their goals, reward them with employee gifts. 

Consider intermittent competitions at your business. For example, if your team works in sales, award gifts to whichever team sells the most during each quarter. 

The same applies to meeting timelines. When projects are completed on schedule, show your appreciation with bonus prizes. 


Milestones are another great way to distribute corporate gifts. You can reward employees for surpassing a certain amount in sales, or for each year of their employment.

It is important to acknowledge success at work, but it is also important to recognize long-term employees. An annual redemption portal gift is a great way to show your employees appreciation while giving them something they will truly want. 

Acknowledging employee accomplishments is an effective way to boost #employeeretention. Every company needs great employees to run every day, so keeping great employees happy long-term will ensure your business continues to run smoothly. 

Holidays and Birthdays

Gifts on major holidays and birthdays is a great way to ensure all employees always have some show of appreciation. People want to be thought of on these days, and it is important to make some effort. 

You can even send out gifts on niche, industry-specific holidays. Every industry has one! Employee appreciation day is another great day to show some gratitude to your team. 

By sending a gift redemption portal on birthdays and holidays, your employees and clients will feel appreciated and thought of. Best of all, they will be able to choose a gift they want from the selection you have picked out for them. 

Recognizing birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays is another important factor in employee retention. Employees will feel much more appreciated if they receive something on their birthday or other important days, which increases overall satisfaction with the company, and in turn, keeps great employees on your team for longer. 

What are Good Redemption Gifts?

There are many different options for corporate gifting– the sky is the limit! 

Corporate gifts can be as small as gift cards or as large as paid vacations, depending on the budget of your company. It is a good idea to have a variety of options so employees and clients can select gifts that are meaningful to them. 

Some popular employee gifting ideas include:

  • Edible gifts- snacks, meal vouchers, subscription boxes, etc.
  • Office supplies and branded merchandise 
  • Gift cards
  • Branded merchandise
  • Sporting goods- game tickets, golf days, merchandise of local teams, and so on 
  • Technology- laptops, phones, gaming systems, etc. 

These options are fully customizable to your company. Think about what your employees would like, and if there are any industry-specific rewards that would be good to include (for example, if you work in an art studio, perhaps paints would be a good prize).

If you are totally unsure where to start, consider sending out a survey to prospective recipients to see what your team would be most excited to receive from a corporate gift. 

How Can I Set Up A Corporate Gift Redemption Program With Givenly?

Givenly makes sending the gift of choice easier than ever! Everything is fully customizable, from invitation emails to welcome pages, so each gift will be unique to the recipient for every occasion. Simply create the page, add your gift options, and then send to your employee or client. 

The Givenly platform can help you every step of the way. The website is great for tracking and controlling gift redemption. Recipients are able to see their selections and choose meaningful gifts in their dashboard, and management can maintain the system without involving third parties.  

Start A Gift Redemption System Today!

So above were were some of the Best Employee Gifting Ideas. We all agrees that Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be boring! A gift of choice redemption program is a fun way to keep your employees and clients happy and motivated year-round. Personalized employee gifting will boost your employee retention and will make you feel good too. 

Givenly is here to help you get started. For more information about setting up an employee corporate gifting program with Givenly, contact us today!