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Christmas Corporate Gifts for Employees & Clients

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With the fall comes the rising holiday season. Companies spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours on Christmas Corporate gifting every year. Some of these gifting efforts help with retaining clients, but many fall short. 

You should start preparing your holiday gifting strategy now. But don’t overthink things. 

What should you do to appeal to each client you have? How can you promote your brand through your presents? What use should your presents have in your clients’ everyday lives? 

Answer these questions and you can find simple yet profound gifts that will craft deep relationships with your clients. Here is your quick guide.  

Know Your Client 

Many companies give out the same gift to each of their clients. They rationalize this by saying that they are treating all clients equally. If they gave one client a coffee mug and another client an iPhone, they are sending the message that one client is more important. 

It is important not to seem like you are prioritizing one client over another. But giving everyone the same Christmas Corporate Gift baskets makes you seem generic. Give a Christmas Gift in 2021 that reflects who your client is as a person, not just as a business asset.

Think over the conversations you have had with your client. Take a note of their hobbies, personal interests, and goals for their careers. If you aren’t sure about what your client likes, do a little research on them. 

If your client is an informal person, you can get them corporate gifts that match their hobby. If they are more formal, you can get them something that helps with their profession. 

When in doubt, ask your employees for suggestions. This lets you come up with creative presents, and it helps with employee recognition. You are showing trust in your staffers to interact with clients. 

Your Christmas Corporate Gifts Should Reflect Your Brand

You should take every opportunity to promote brand recognition, including through corporate gifting. In and of itself, client gifting makes you seem generous and attentive. But what you give can provide more detail on who you are.

If your brand focuses on tradition, get gifts reflective of history. You can give books to your clients about historical events, or you can get aged wines and beers. If you have a more modern brand, you can get electronic gifts like flashlights and computer cables.  

Put the name of your company on your Christmas Corporate Gifts for Clients. When your client uses a pen or a shirt with your company name on it, they associate the usefulness of the gift with your company. You can get brand on demand gifts for cheap prices, including journals and food baskets. 

Get Creative

Your client will be receiving Christmas Gifts from other companies. Think about what they might be receiving, then select a gift that they will not get from anyone else. The most common gifts are coffee mugs, portable phone chargers, and coffee table books. 

Few companies are giving out personal protective equipment. Putting your company logo on a face mask or a bottle of hand sanitizer will help you stand out. If your client is a company with many employees, you can send them a COVID test kit so they can test themselves. 

How you present your gift can be just as important as the gift itself. Get a custom Christmas Corporate Gifts for employees, wrap with interesting colors, textures, and designs. Wrap the present yourself as a personal touch. 

Get Festive

Don’t forget to engage in the iconography of Christmas. Put red and green in your gift wrap or on your gift. Leave a card with your present that wishes your client a merry Christmas. 

Use winter imagery. You can put packing materials in your presents that look like snow. You can attach photographs of yourself or your employees dressed as Santa Claus or gathered around a Christmas tree. 

If you are giving something to a company with employees from different cultural backgrounds, you can say “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.” You can give a gift for Christmas and then one for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another winter holiday. 

Create an Experience Through Your Holiday Gifting

The best Christmas Corporate Gifts 2021 are gifts that clients can use in their day-to-day lives. Every time they use their gift, they become reminded of what your company does. But that does not mean you should limit yourself to basic gifts.

If your client likes fishing, you can give them fish hooks or a new pole with your company on it. If your client likes to travel, you can get them a suitcase or a messenger bag. This encourages them to pursue an experience that they can associate with you. 

You can give a gift that allows you to share in that experience. You can both go fishing or traveling with your gift. 

If you would like, you can gift an experience instead of a material object. You can buy your client dinner, or you can pay for a fishing or boating trip. Very few companies do this for their clients, so this is a good way to stand out. 

Go and Get Great Christmas Corporate Gifts for Employees

Holiday gifting is simple yet profound. Get a gift for each of your Employees & Clients that reflects their personality and interests. Talk to your employees about what your clients like.

Make a gesture to reflect your brand, including putting your company logo on your gifts. Get presents that other companies are not offering, yet remain festive. 

Give a Christmas gift that will create lasting memories. You can even give experiences to your clients if you would like. 

The holidays are coming faster than you think. Givenly provides quick and cheap holiday gifting solutions. View our corporate gifting services today.